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To have your vehicle considered for entrance into an auction, please complete the form below.
Please note that completion of this form DOES NOT guarantee that your vehicle will be included in the auction.

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Auction:* The Texas Classic Auction, April 21, 2018
The Pacific Grove Auction, August 23, 2018
The Auburn Auction, September 1, 2018

Other: Private Sale

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Has this vehicle been restored?*
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When: By Whom:
Body off frame: Mileage since:
Please describe in detail the restoration of this vehicle, i.e. what has been restored, items restored to original, added features, etc.
Color:* Please check all that apply:
Factory Name:  Glossy Paint
 Original Paint
 Original Paint Color
 Touch Ups
 No Visible Scratches/Dents
 No Visible Rust
 Exterior Fully Detailed
Please describe the exterior condition in detail. Paint or lacquer? Clear coated? If repainted, where and when? Was the trim taken off of the vehicle prior to painting? Condition of trim and chrome. Describe any touch ups, bondo, etc.
Has this vehicle ever been involved in an accident or obtained other damage?
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If so, please describe in detail the accident/incident, repairs and dates:
Color:* Floor Mats? YesNo
Surface Material:* Fully Detailed? YesNo
Describe interior condition in detail. Include any rips, stains, etc. as well as knobs, instruments, gauges that do not function. Has anything been replaced? If so, when and by whom? Is it all original and if replaced, was it to the original type?
Is there any rust on the engine, drivetrain, etc.?
If yes, please explain in detail:
Describe the suspension, how it handles, etc.
What is the condition of the frame? Is there rust, is it bent, etc.? Explain in detail.
Please check all that apply
  Leather Steering Wheel
  Leather Shifter
  Wood Trim
  AM/FM Stereo
  AM Radio
  Single CD Playerm
  Multi CD Player
  Factory Air Conditioning
  Add On Air Conditioning
  Climate Control
  Dual Zone Climate Control
  Power Steering
  Power Windows
  Power Door Locks
  Power Mirrors
  Power Drivers Seat
  Power Passenger Seat
  Memory Seat Position
  Heated Seats
  Fuel Injected
  Tinted Windows
  Window Sticker/Invoice
  Build Record
  Dual Side Mounts
  Rear Spoiler
  Navigation System
  Tilt Steering Wheel
  Telescope Steering
  Telescope Pedals
  Interval Wipers
  Rear Wiper
  ABS Brakes
  Power Brakes
  Disc Brakes
  Drum Brakes
  Fog Lights
  Keyless Entry
  Remote Trunk Release
  Security System
  Have Service Records
  Have Original Manuals
  Rumble Seat
  Bucket Seats
  Bench Seat
  Power Convertible Top
  Tank Sticker
  Fully Detailed Under Hood
Describe any other options and features not listed here. Also explain items that do not work, missing, etc.
Describe the overall condition of the vehicle. Be very detailed and honest as you cannot provide too much information! Make sure that you indicate special features (i.e. number 12 of 50 made), awards won, etc.
Your opinion of market value?*
I would like to see my car without a reserve: (applicable only to auction) YesNo
I would consider selling my car without a reserve: (applicable only to auction) YesNo
How did you hear about this auction? (applicable only to auction)*
I understand that submission of this form does not guarantee placement of my vehicle into auction or private sales by Worldwide Auctioneers. I also agree that everything stated in this submission is true and correct to the extent of my knowledge.
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