Lot Number
2006 Ford GT

• Single ownership and just 3,730 miles from new
• Equipped with warranty-approved Ford Racing power upgrade kit
• Complete with all items as delivered new including window sticker
• Final-year example of a highly collectible Ford legend
• Sold new at South Shore Motors, the former Shelby Motors

5.4-liter supercharged 32-valve DOHC V-8 engine, 550 HP at 6,500 RPM, six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes; wheelbase: 106.7"

First shown in 2002 to celebrate Ford Motor Company's upcoming centennial, the Ford GT40 concept car was designed by Camilo Pardo, the head of Ford’s Living Legends studio under the direction of Ford design chief J. Mays. Clearly inspired by the all-conquering GT40s that conclusively beat Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966 and dominated there through 1969, the Ford GT was prepared, refined, and tested for production. While echoing the GT40's layout and iconic design cues, the new Ford GT utilized modern, state-of-the-art engineering, materials, and construction to deliver greater performance than its legendary forebear. Powering the new GT was a mid-mounted supercharged 32-valve 5.4-liter V-8 engine with competition-type dry sump lubrication producing 550 horsepower. Power was delivered by a six-speed transmission/rear transaxle from Ricardo, the supplier of racing transmissions for international GT, rally, and open-wheel racing. All-independent suspension and huge vented Brembo four-wheel disc brakes rounded out the mechanical package.

Built using space-age materials and construction techniques, each GT was built in five stages with initial assembly performed by Norwalk, Ohio's Mayflower Vehicle Systems, paint by Saleen Special Vehicles in Troy, Michigan, engine assembly at Ford's Romeo, Michigan engine plant, and finally engine and transmission installation and interior finishing at Ford's Wixom, Michigan plant. Notably, the Ford GT was the last vehicle project competed at Wixom. Only 4,038 examples were produced in all, with approximately 550, 1,900 and 1,600 built during 2004, 2005, and 2006 respectively. Demand far outstripped supply, with early cars selling for substantial premiums over the basic Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price and prospective buyers vying for vehicle-production slots.

While capable of truly blistering performance, including a 209.1-mph speed hit by one of the test cars at Nardo, Italy, these cars are also renowned for their deceptive practicality and ease of operation in everyday traffic, including a light clutch feel. The interior, which pays homage to the original GT40, is complete with leather-trimmed carbon fiber seats, electric power windows, and air-conditioning. Unlike its 1960s predecessor, however, the GT interior is remarkably comfortable with ample space for taller drivers. All of these attributes came about from the now-legendary development and testing program applied to the GT by Ford's SVT Special Vehicle Team before it was deemed ready for series-production and sale to the public.

Listed in the definitive book "Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience" by Joseph V. ("GT Joe") Limongelli and Marcie A. Cipriani, this 2006 Ford GT was completed on May 30, 2006. A one-owner car from new with just 3,730 miles at the time of cataloguing, this exceptional GT was sold new at South Shore Motors in Lake Tahoe, formerly Shelby Motors. Striking in white with optional Le Mans stripes in blue over a black interior, the GT has been upgraded with the warranty-approved Ford Racing power upgrade kit. This desirable feature consists of a smaller-diameter blower pulley which spins the blower faster for additional boost and a spacer for other belt-driven accessories, allowing the same drive belt to be used. The kit also includes a flash programmer to upgrade the engine-management system to maximize performance.

In addition to the window sticker, factory sales brochure, pictures of the car being delivered to the selling dealer, and maintenance records, this outstanding, low-mileage 2006 Ford GT also includes all items as delivered new with the car. Among them are a car cover and carrying bag, tire pump and sealer, tow hook, owner’s manual and pouch, towing instruction sheet, parts content and bumper-safety label, and the battery charger plus instructions within the carrying bag. A true motorsports and design landmark in every respect, this 2006 Ford GT stands as an incredible link bridging the original GT40s of the 1960s and the current Ford GT that took on – and defeated – the world's best competitors.

2006 Ford GT
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