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  1. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  2. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  3. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  4. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  5. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  6. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  7. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

  8. 1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165

Lot Number

1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165
2017 The Texas Classic Auction

Offered Without Reserve
ESTIMATE: $18,000 - $28,000
• Only 10,276 miles from new
• Excellent preservation motorcycle
• Factory original blue and white paint

165 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine rated at 5.5 HP, three-speed forward transmission, Girder rubber spring front suspension and rigid rear frame, internal expanding front and rear drum brakes; wheelbase: 51.2"

When we think of Harley-Davidson we tend to think of large motorcycles loaded with chrome accessories, lights, and saddle bags, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when Harley actually built a smaller single-cylinder bike that was very popular. It all started with the Hummer, whose origins were most unusual. After World War II, the design plans for the DKW RT125 found their way from Germany to the United States where Harley-Davidson built it as the S125 model in 1948. It was hugely popular with around 10,000 built. By 1955, the S125 had become known as the Hummer, a name that would go on to define most of Harley’s single-cylinder bikes of the era. Although running on just a 125 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine, it was fast and fun enough, but it soon gave way to the Model 165 that featured a bigger and more powerful engine. These single-cylinder bikes planted the seed for thousands of riders that would go on to own larger Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Offered here is arguably the finest example of this historic bike in existence with just 10,276 miles since new. This time capsule still wears its factory blue and white paint, and the silver and gold Harley-Davidson company logo is still in excellent condition on the tank. In stark contrast to today’s chrome-laden Harleys, the 165 was a basic motorcycle that was void of any frivolities. The factory original springer seat is as basic as it gets and chrome rims with a chrome exhaust is all that’s needed for brightwork. It also carries a period correct Harley-Davidson oil can. This Model 165 recently emerged from a 78-year-old collector who displayed it for decades. It was recently started and runs great and still retains its original title from 1958, which is included with the sale.

This important piece of Harley-Davidson’s past is a most unusual artifact. As Harley’s introductory motorcycle, most of these were used and abused with very few preserved. Some are restored, but it’s only original once. This 1958 Model 165 is a bike that deserves to be preserved as a testament to America’s greatest motorcycle company and it is a great display candidate for the home or office.

1958 Harley-Davidson Model 165
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