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  1. 2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra

  2. 2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra

  3. 2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra

  4. 2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra

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2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra
2017 The Texas Classic Auction

ESTIMATE: $80,000 - $100,000
• Powered by Roush 588 V-8 engine – Roush Serial Number 001
• Stunning looks and presence; incredibly well-equipped
• Exceptional quality and above all – fantastic throttle response

588 cid Roush V-8 engine, Mass-Flo electronic fuel injection, Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes; wheelbase: 90”

Without doubt, Carroll Shelby’s thundering Cobra remains the single most important American performance icon of the 20th Century. The spearhead that vaulted Ford Motor Company’s “Total Performance” corporate racing program onto the international stage during the early 1960s, the Cobra marked a crucial step in Ford’s dominance over archrival Ferrari. Stateside, the Cobra quickly ruled SCCA competition from the beginning and thanks to Ken Miles, the Cobra soon evolved into ultimate “big-block” form with 427 power. Even by today’s jaded standards, the 427 Cobra’s brutal performance continues to surpass most modern supercars, while its driving experience remains a sensory overload that simply cannot be duplicated.

Expensive and highly coveted when new, Shelby’s big-block Cobras were never truly mass-produced. In all its forms, the 427 Cobra was a mighty racing car and virtually unbeatable on the road and track but accidents and hard driving claimed many. With demand far outstripping available supply, hard-core enthusiasts seeking the ultimate power trip fueled demand for new Cobras. Thankfully, Shelby Automobiles answered the call in 1995, beginning limited production of its 4000- and 6000-series Cobras. Superformance has also contributed top-quality Cobra replicas, with engineering and construction far beyond the original cars from the 1960s.

Numbered SPO2744, this stunning 2008 Superformance Mk III Cobra features sinister Onyx Black paint but, despite its commanding appearance, the big news is cradled underneath the sinewy body in the form of a mountainous 588 cubic-inch engine from Roush – the first such unit from Roush, bearing Serial Number 001. Excellent features include a Mass-Flo EFI system for precise fuel delivery and almost instantaneous throttle response, plus a Billet Specialties serpentine accessory-belt system. Outstanding supporting items include an Aeromotive fuel system with an A1000 fuel pump inside the 27-gallon fuel tank, and black ceramic-coated headers feeding iconic twin side pipes. According to the builder, the Roush 588 engine was originally ordered for a full-frame, Mustang-style road car, but it was subsequently repurposed for the Superformance Cobra rolling chassis which was installed into the vehicle offered here. While downright wild and capable of truly incredible performance, this Superformance Mk III Cobra is equipped for comfortable drives in warm climates with air-conditioning.

While the Superformance Cobra chassis was set up for big-block Ford engines, it was adapted to accommodate a Viper-type Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission, using a custom removable transmission crossmember facilitating service of the transmission and clutch. A Lakewood scattershield provides heightened safety under hard acceleration. The 3.91:1 ring and pinion was sourced from Australia and fitted to the Dana rear-end housing which is located by independent rear underpinnings. Other chassis highlights include Cobra Valley ball joints and rear coil-over mounts, Bilstein coilover shocks, precise rack and pinion steering, and vented Wilwood high-performance disc brakes all around.

The Cobra’s cockpit is a top-notch and faithful tribute to the original, fitted with AutoMeter Cobra gauges including a reverse-winding electric GPS speedometer, leather-wrapped Moto-Lita steering wheel, Lucas switches, and premium German leather upholstery. Safety features include a roll bar, racing harnesses including shoulder belts, and a chromed fire extinguisher. As mentioned earlier, air-conditioning provides passenger comfort. A billet shifter handles gear changes, and a leather shifter boot and leather emergency-brake boot provide additional refinement. The Pro Street hood scoop was sectioned to match the contours of the tops of the Cobra’s front fenders.

Powder-coated quick-jack points, Hella headlamps, LED tail lamps with reverse indicators, an Olthoff oil-cooler screen, wind wings, a driver’s side mirror, and many other features raise this vehicle far out of the ordinary. Vintage Wheels 15-inch BR 01 pin-drive knockoff wheels mounting Mickey Thompson SR rubber provide the rolling stock. A clear bra protects the front end, rear fenders, and hood of the vehicle, and a soft top (with side windows) and a tonneau cover complete this fantastic package. As reported by the car’s builder, this amazing modern Cobra runs very predictably and delivers spectacular throttle response and power output. An awesome tribute to Carroll Shelby’s original idea for the Cobra, but taken to a whole new level, this Superformance Mk III also features Mr. Shelby’s iconic signature on the glovebox door and it stands ready to drive, show, and enjoy as intended.

2008 Superformance Mk III/Roush 588 Cobra
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