1. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  2. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  3. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  4. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  5. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  6. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  7. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  8. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  9. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  10. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

  11. 1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan

Lot Number
1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan
Scottsdale Auction

Offered Without Reserve

ESTIMATE: $50,000 - $70,000
• Recent cosmetic freshening including new paint
• Elegant touring car
• Impressive Lincoln V-12 power
• CCCA Full Classic®

447.9 cid L-head V-12 engine rated at 150 HP, three-speed manual transmission, solid front axle and live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, four-wheel power-assisted mechanical brakes; wheelbase: 145”

As one of the world’s premier builders of fine luxury motorcars, Lincoln has built some of the best cars in the world. Long the favorite of kings, queens, and presidents, Lincoln’s fine cars have always had a prominent place in the motorcades and liveries of many of the world’s leaders. The roots of Lincoln’s early years came directly from Henry Leland, a brilliantly talented man who knew how to engineer a good car but had little vision in terms of style. The sale of Lincoln to Henry Ford in 1922 brought a new level of elegance to Lincoln that carried it to the forefront as a premier luxury brand car. Now on par with Cadillac, Stutz, Pierce-Arrow, Packard, and Peerless, Ford had a direct competitor in the luxury car market and many Lincolns were fitted with coachbuilt bodies that rivaled any high-end car of the era. In 1932, Lincoln pulled out all the stops when they introduced the incredible KB-series cars as the flagship of the company’s fleet. Powered by a mighty V-12, Lincoln was now a formidable player in the large multi-cylinder race in a time where one’s place in society was determined by the number of cylinders in their car. Wheelbases for Lincoln’s KBs series were long and, whether it was a sporty roadster or an elegant town car, the arrival of a Lincoln V-12 at any event meant that someone special had just arrived. Power, beauty, and supreme sophistication all came together in the magnificent Lincoln KB.

Offered here is a supreme example of this stellar motorcar with a 1932 KB sedan that was just painted in beautiful French Blue with black fenders. Riding on a 145-inch wheelbase, there’s no doubt that this is a car that makes a dramatic statement with its large and commanding presence. As a sedan, this KB is fitted with an attrative five-passenger body that features all the characteristics of the classic era. Large bullet-shaped headlamps are finished in chrome and dual trumpet horns are mounted just below. Lincoln’s tall and imposing grille is massive, and the elegant racing greyhound hood ornament adds a sleek and stylish look to the front end. This Lincoln rides on black color-keyed wire rims with wide whitewall tires and carries dual side-mounted spare tires. Running boards are long and add a dramatic accent to this car’s length. This sedan is also equipped with a touring trunk at the rear that’s great for extra storage and traveling. Most impressive is the interior that is upholstered in fine broadcloth and elegant trim appointments that are only found in a prestigious motorcar. Rear seat passengers are treated to finely bolstered seating with a large folding armrest. The wood on this car is beautifully finished and leg room rivals that of an average living room. Up front, the driver’s compartment also features fine upholstery and a center-mounted gauge pod that houses oil, amp, temperature, fuel, and speed gauges. Power for this Lincoln KB comes from its large V-12 that is as much a work of art as it is a mechanical marvel. Lincoln’s V-12 has a well-earned reputation for its smooth and quiet operation and this one is no exception. Its precision balance and fine engineering allow for whisper-like operation and smooth idle. All these wonderful attributes come together in a car that offers both excellent performance and a high degree of formal elegance.

The classic era cars of the 1930s represent a chapter like no other in automotive history. For a brief time, great artisans worked with the finest materials to build cars that were unlike anything else on the road. This Lincoln KB, with is brilliant colors, sumptuous interior, and mighty V-12 power, is a car that epitomizes these legendary cars in every way. For a great touring car that’s also a welcome addition to many concours show fields, this Lincoln KB sedan is just the right car for so many occasions.

1932 Lincoln KB V-12 Sedan
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