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  1. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  2. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  3. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  4. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  5. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  6. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  7. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  8. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  9. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  10. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  11. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  12. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  13. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  14. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

  15. 1928 Seagrave Fire Truck

Lot Number
From the Dr. Harvey Carter, Jr. Estate
1928 Seagrave Fire Truck
2017 The Texas Classic Auction

Offered Without Reserve
ESTIMATE: $15,000 - $35,000
• Incredible original preserved condition
• Former Shreveport, Louisiana truck
• 1,000 gallon per minute pumper
• Same ownership since 1975

Inline six-cylinder engine with single cast cylinders, three-speed manual transmission, semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension on front and rear, mechanical brakes on rear wheels only; wheelbase: 169"

Frederick Seagrave was a man of vision who knew how to get things done. When he founded his Seagrave Fire Apparatus Company in 1881 in Detroit, Michigan, he built little more than ladders but, as his business grew, he soon began building horse-drawn ladder wagons and hose carts. In 1891, Seagrave moved to Columbus, Ohio where business continued to expand. This began a long and stellar history of Seagrave fire trucks that were custom built for the needs of any city or town. The lineage of Seagrave even crossed paths with another hallmark of the classic era when they purchased V-12 engines from Pierce-Arrow for use in their trucks. The mighty Pierce V-12 was actually used in Seagrave’s trucks right up to 1970.

This featured Seagrave served faithfully in Shreveport, Louisiana before becoming an important relic in this company’s stellar history. It is an incredible example of a preservation truck and still bears SFD (Shreveport Fire Department) on the hood. This is a tall and imposing truck with large tires and an enormous radiator that proudly displays the Seagrave Company logo, while a motometer monitors engine temperature. The cowl holds a large search light, a beautiful bell, and a round red head lamp for a true period-correct look. This truck last ran in the 1980s and the motor does not currently turn over. This and the fuel tank will require servicing in order for this truck to be operative. This marvelous truck was acquired by the family of the current owner back in 1975 and has been on display in covered storage since. A black leather seat and a large steering wheel are utilitarian but, as a vehicle of necessity, they are all that’s needed. Period accessories with this truck include the rare Seagrave fire extinguisher, wooden ladders, brass hose nozzles, hand pump can, and an authentic Seagrave lantern. There’s even a set of well-worn pitch forks in the back. Most impressive are the original gauges and levers on the side that regulate water pressure and flow.

Who would have guessed a company founded in 1891 would still be making trucks over 100 years later. The Seagrave Company represents the very power and strength of an American truck icon. This 1928 Seagrave pumper, with its commanding stance and nickel plating, is sure to be a hit at any show. Here is a chance to own a piece of history that shows incredible preservation of its original features for a vehicle that turns 90 years of age next year.

1928 Seagrave Fire Truck
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