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  1. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  2. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  3. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  4. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  5. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  6. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  7. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  8. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  9. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  10. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  11. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  12. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

  13. 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck

Lot Number
From the Dr. Harvey Carter, Jr. Estate
1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck
2017 The Texas Classic Auction

Offered Without Reserve
ESTIMATE: $40,000 - $60,000
• Front-mounted 750 GPM piston pump
• Authentic wooden ladders
• Well-preserved and always admired
• Single family ownership since 1972

ADDENDUM: PLEASE NOTE: This fire truck is titled as a 1917, perhaps from the Patent plate date rather than the date of manufacture. Catalogue description stated the engine was seized; the engine is free and the truck was running this week.

Ahrens-Fox Registry No: 1119

Inline four-cylinder engine with single cast cylinders, three-speed manual transmission, semi elliptic leaf spring suspension on front and rear, mechanical brakes on rear wheels only; wheelbase: 165"

Among the classics in firefighting equipment is the famous Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company. Founded in Ohio in 1910, Ahrens-Fox started the business when horse drawn firefighting equipment was on its way out and gas powered trucks were coming in. At the time, these were highly specialized vehicles that not only needed to pump water or carry heavy equipment, but were also required to be powerful and speedy as well. Ahrens-Fox had a 44 horsepower fire car for 1913 that was guaranteed to go 50 miles per hour. Power was the key element in fighting fires and Ahrens-Fox had what it took. The company’s other claim to fame was its water pumper system. In a time when most people were still drawing water from a well, Ahrens-Fox had a pumper on the front of their truck that could push water over a 42 story building. This was accomplished through a pressurized globe on the front of the truck that proved to be their signature design and made an Ahrens-Fox fire truck recognizable from any distance.

Offered here is an historic gem from this company’s interesting history in the way of a 1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 that served its working life in Sanford, Maine. The bold and impressive design of the Ahrens-Fox fire truck gives it a different look than any other. Indeed, its front-mounted pump design with a radiator set well behind the front axle makes room for the enormous pumper that’s capable of pushing 750 gallons per minute. This truck wears a restoration from the 1950s and still looks great. The engine is currently seized and the upper radiator tank is cracked and has a leak; both will require attention before this truck hits the road. Accessories include brass fire extinguishers, authentic wooden ladders, fire axe, running board storage box, and factory oil can that is still in the engine compartment. This Ahrens-Fox has been in the same family since 1972 and is now ready to write the next chapter in its life.

Restored firefighting trucks are always a delight at any show. With their brilliant red paint, decorative gold leaf, and dazzling chrome, they represent art as much as utility. This beautiful truck is just waiting to return to parade duty as an amazing piece of firefighting history.

1922 Ahrens-Fox K-S-4 Fire Truck
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