1. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  2. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  3. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  4. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  5. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  6. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  7. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  8. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  9. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  10. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

  11. 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup

Lot Number
1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup
Scottsdale Auction

Offered Without Reserve

ESTIMATE: $40,000 - $60,000
• Cool, real-deal all-steel, period-built hot rod from the 1940s
• Hot rodder Gus Rawlins’ Bonneville push truck and runner
• Dropped Drago front axle; ’49 Merc V-8 with twin Strombergs
• ’51-’52 Ford truck overdrive; ’40 rear end with juice brakes
• Grand National Roadster Show - L.A. Roadster Club Best Pick
• Best of Show winner, H.A.M.B. Revolution Car Show

Mercury “Flathead” V-8 engine, Offenhauser aluminum cylinder heads, twin Stromberg ‘97’ two-barrel carburetors, manual transmission with overdrive, solid front axle with transverse leaf spring, live rear axle with cantilevered semi-elliptic leaf springs, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes; wheelbase: 103.5"

Henry Ford’s immensely successful Model T almost singlehandedly put America on the road, but it was long outdated by the time its successor, the all-new Model A, debuted in 1927. A carefully orchestrated advertising and public relations campaign brought public anticipation for the new Ford to a fever pitch and once released, the Model A did not disappoint. An unqualified success, the Model A was a stylish and elegant vehicle, designed by Henry Ford's talented son, Edsel. In comparison to its predecessor, the Model A was far more sophisticated and complex, yet easier to drive. Despite its excellence, the Model A delivered immense value with pricing held in line with that of the outgoing Model T, ranging from $385 through $570 depending on body style. Powered by an L-head four-cylinder engine displacing just over 200 cubic-inches mated to a modern three-speed transmission, the Model A was a solid performer capable of exceeding 60 mph with fuel economy ranging from 20 to 30 miles per gallon. Offered in a myriad of body styles, the Model A production ended on August 31, 1931 with more than 4.3 million built in all.

From 1928, the Model A was also available from the factory in hardworking pickup-truck form, initially as an open-cab model, soon joined by a closed-cab model with all-steel cab construction and roll-up side windows from August 1928. While both versions were popular with buyers from the start, the Roadster Pickup was one of the most popular choices for customizers and hot rodders of the 1940s and 1950s, and one even graced the opening sequences of ABC TV’s hit show, Happy Days in the mid-1970s.

One hot rodder who appreciated and utilized Ford’s versatile Model A Roadster Pickup was California resident Gustave “Gus" Rollins. Like millions of his car-crazy contemporaries during the era, Gus Rollins served his country in the U.S. military during and after WW II. Next, he worked in fire safety. A member of the Model A Club in Chico, Gus Rollins built this Roadster Pickup into a hot, yet useful shop truck and tow rig for his dry lakes/Bonneville racecar. Following Mr. Rollins’ passing in early 2001, the Model A and a cache of parts for it were purchased from his family.

A sympathetic restoration was performed for the consignor at The Forge of Loveland, Colorado, which very nicely returned this Model A Roadster Pickup to its 1940s/1950s form. A very rare survivor, it retains the original Ford Motor Company steel body, plus the period custom soft top with beveled-glass rear window and side curtains. Riding on Kelsey Hayes wheels dated to the 1940s, the pickup also includes taillights of the same vintage. Ample power is delivered by a hot ’49 Mercury “Flathead” V-8 engine equipped with cool vintage speed parts including Offenhauser aluminum heads and twin Stromberg ‘97’ carbs, plus a beautifully hand-fabricated set of tubular exhaust headers for efficient breathing. Featuring a cool stance with a Drago dropped front axle, the pickup’s underpinnings include a ’40 Ford rear end and hydraulic brakes. An overdrive unit liberated from a ‘51/’52 Ford truck provides more relaxed cruising, and a rear hitch allows you to tow your own racing car behind this cool period hot rod pickup. The original “Banger” (Ford 4-cylinder) engine is mounted on a stand and included in the sale of this vehicle at auction. Featuring great presence, this 1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup predictably garnered show awards including Best of Show in the Preservation Class at the H.A.M.B. Revolution show held in Austin, Texas, as well as “Best Pick” at the Grand National Roadster Show held at the Suede Palace. Featuring a striking preservation, the “Gus Rollins” Model A Roadster Pickup delivers a fascinating insight into postwar car culture and a wonderful driving experience as intended.

1928 Ford Model A V-8 Roadster Pickup
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