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  1. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  2. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  3. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

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  16. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  17. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  18. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  19. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  20. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  21. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  22. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  23. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  24. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  25. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  26. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  27. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  28. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

  29. 1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup

Lot Number

1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup
2017 The Texas Classic Auction

Offered Without Reserve
ESTIMATE: $55,000 - $75,000
CHASSIS NO: 3A56A010281
• Concours-level restoration
• 427 cubic-inch Corvette V-8 power
• Equipped with Vintage air-conditioning, power steering and brakes
• Multiple award winner including being judged 998 out of 1000 points

427 cid V-8 with 435 HP, GM Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission, front and rear leaf spring suspension with shock absorbers, Strange Engineering axle with Currie Enterprises rear-end, power front disc brakes with rear drum brakes; wheelbase: 114"

The beauty of the American pickup truck has never been lost on the collector car market. What started out as a tool of necessity quickly has now become a vehicle of luxury, but it wasn’t always so. In the beginning, many farmers simply hacked off the rear of a sedan, made a bed, and turned it into a work vehicle. In fact, many full Classic cars were rescued after serving many decades of hard work on the farm or wrecker duty on the road. These were the years of the utility truck but, when Chevrolet introduced their new Task Force Series of trucks in 1955, they were sturdy, stylish, and rugged. Nestled neatly into the line-up was also a truck that would go on to change the utilitarian image of the truck forever. Indeed, Chevrolet’s new 1955 Cameo was a truck that brought glamour and elegance to what was previously a tool of necessity. General Motors stylist Chuck Jordan’s original idea was for a one-piece body for the Cameo, but all of that changed when Chevrolet signed a contract with the Molded Fiberglass Products Company to build Corvette bodies. After that, it seemed only natural that the Cameo would get a fiberglass bed. Add to that a dazzling amount of chrome, optional V-8 power, and bright, bold colors, and the Cameo became the truck of dreams. Never again would the truck be looked at as a vehicle built solely for work around the farm.

Offered here is an outstanding example of this iconic glamour queen of the 1950s, a 1956 Cameo finished in beautiful Bombay Ivory and red. This gorgeous truck was meticulously restored in 2010 and has been driven just 1,500 miles since. Nothing was overlooked in returning this Cameo to like-new condition as the body was removed from the frame and every nut and bolt was refurbished or replaced. The smart styling of the Task Force design is clearly apparent in the gleaming chrome bumpers and stylish chrome plated tail lamps. The superior level of craftsmanship is nicely displayed in the fine cabinet-like finish on the oak bed that also carries a matching red finish and complements all exterior components. On the inside is a stylish two-tone upholstery scheme with matching steering wheel and a dashboard that features a jet-inspired speedometer gauge pod. All upholstery is from Ciadella Interiors with authentic fabrics and a matching carpet that provides a new and factory fresh appearance. Cruising is also both comfortable and pleasurable thanks to an AM/FM/CD stereo system and modern air-conditioning. Muscle for this Cameo comes from a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 427 cubic-inch V-8 that features 435 horsepower. Power is carried to the rear wheels through a Turbo 400 transmission and Strange Engineering axles with a Currie Enterprises rear-end. Stopping power is quick and precise with power brakes featuring front discs, and handling is vastly improved thanks to power steering. This Cameo rides on wide whitewall tires mounted on Chevrolet Corvette Rally rims. Performance, glamorous looks, and excellent handling all come together in this wonderful example of Chevrolet’s “Queen of the Road” from 1956. Its condition has been celebrated many times as it is a multiple award winner. A crowning achievement was being judged 998 out of 1000 points at a recent event.

The world of the truck has not always been as glamorous as it is today. Born on the farm and raised on the dirt road, the truck has since matured into a vehicle of luxury. Although no one knew it at the time, the Cameo was pointing the way to the future with its sleek styling and innovative design. In the end, just 1,454 of these beauties were built in 1956, a scant number given their brilliance, but the general public just wasn’t ready for a truck that could do chores during the day and then go to the country club at night. This Cameo, with its excellent restoration and modern mechanical upgrades, makes it a truck like no other and a truck that’s more than ready for cruising the boulevard and turning heads along the way.

1956 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup
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